can you have multiple sense deadbolts


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 Mortise Deadbolt Locks  Discontinued  Replace With  CO200MD  70-Classroom/Storeroom  40-Privacy  CO250MD  70-Classroom/Storeroom  40-Privacy  AD200MD  70-Classroom/Storeroo...
* NOTE: the AD300/400 devices simply communicate the change in Deadbolt Position status to the Host software.  The software then decides what action should or should not be taken at the device. 
Yes, several HHD's can be used with a single lock, as long as the HHD's have the same Coupling Password as the lock.
The HHD coupling password is set during the lock initialization, coupling process.
When the coupling password is changed the value is stored in the HHD and once coupled to a lock, the Coupling Password is also loaded in the lock/device memory.
The Coupling Password is compared whenever an HHD is trying to adjust lock configuration settings or downloading door programming files.
There are 3 styles of cases: 7500 mortise lock for 98/9975, 8875 5575 exit devices 7500-IN for 94/9575 inpact device
Applies to L9090EL/EU, L9091EL/EU, L9092EL/EU, L9093EL/EU, L9094EL/EU, L9095EL/EUThese models require 12/24 VDC with a peak current of 0.4 amps.  The following po...
Applies to L9080EL/EU, L9082EL/EU (Discontinued)The Schlage L9080 EU/EL and L9082 EU/EL require 24 VAC/VDC with a peak current of 1.3 Amps at 5 to 10 second intervals and a holding curren...