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If a Schlage “C” keyway is required then order the Falcon X lock with the CP6 cylinder suffix. 

All other Schlage keyways the cylinder will have to be assembled in the field per the instructions below. 

  1. Order the Falcon X lock less cylinder.  Example: X581LD Elite 626
  2. The following parts would be required from Falcon (all parts sold in packs of 10)
    • Tail piece - A22169-000-00 if using Elite or Troy knobs
    • Tail piece - A22169-002-00 if using the Hana knob 
    • Tail piece retainer- A12053-000-00
    • Tail piece spacer- A24264-000-00
  3. The following parts would be required from Schlage
    • 23-065 key in lever Schlage cylinder x keyway and finish (discard the supplied tailpiece as the Falcon tailpiece will be used)


Note: FSIC cylinder not an option with "X" series.