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If an access control system is not available to test the card output on a hand reader, this card emulation test can be done to verify the card format is correct. 

These steps will guide you in testing the hand reader’s Card Reader Output. A working Card Reader output test should result in a successful enrollment onto the input hand reader.

1. Wire output pins D0 (pin 6), D1 (pin 5), and ground (pin 4) of one hand reader (output reader) to the input pins D0 (pin 2), D1 (pin 3), and ground (pin 4) of the other hand reader (input reader).
2. Configure the output reader to “For Card RDR Out” within the setup menu (default password 2 > Set Output Mode).
3. Enroll an ID into the output reader and make sure the ID is valid by verifying the ID.
4. On the input reader, access the enrollment menu (default password 4) and press the “#” key for Add User to enroll.
5. When the input reader says “Enter ID”, go to the output reader and verify the ID in step #3.
6. Once ID has been verified on the output reader, the input reader should now prompt the user to “Place Hand 1/3” and continue with the enrollment.

At this point, fully reset both readers and switch the configurations. The input reader should now be the output reader and vice versa. Make sure you configure the output reader to be “For Card RDR out”. If both tests are successful, we at least know that the card output on the hand readers are functioning and that the card formats in both are matching. The next step is to check the wiring between the hand reader and the access control panel as well as the input pins and configuration on the access control panel.