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BAA/ARRA stand for Buy American Act and American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.


A brief description of some of the federal requirements can be found in the BAA Catalog on the Allegion website under the Buy America Act. Please keep in mind that there are exceptions, exemptions and waivers to many of these requirements. Understanding all the factors that can affect a particular product or project can be confusing, which is why Allegion has a Government Services team to assist you. We are often able to provide product solutions based on these factors.


Country of Origin (COO) information can be found in the Buy American Act (BAA) brochure.

To obtain product certification forms:

  1. Download the BAA Catalog on the Allegion website
  2.  Complete the information requested in the the BAA Catalog with a detailed copy of the products sent to the government mailbox.
  3. E-mail your request to [email protected]
  4. Your request will be forwarded to the proper location.