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The LCN Safety (Finger) Guard was a heavy duty vinyl product that covered the opening between the door and frame, where most hand injuries occur.

  • The LCN 750 Safety (Finger) Guard was the pull side version.
  • The LCN 700 Safety (Finger) Guard was the push side version.
    • Both limited door swing to 100°.
    • Came in 82" lengths, trimmed to fit in field.
    • Carried a two year warranty.
    • Used for Butt Hinges only.


LCN discontinued both the 700 and 750 Safety (Finger) Guards in late 2006.

See here for an old photo of the discontinued LCN Safety Guard.

Below is a couple of companies that do carry a similar product.

  • National Guard - (800-231-0402)
  • Fingersafe - (912-234-6120)