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LCN does not supply Allen wrenches.  The size allen wrenches that LCN uses, are standard sizes that every installer will have in their tool kit.

  • 3/32" Allen wrench for adjusting regulation valves: main speed, latch, and backcheck
  • 5/32" Allen wrench for adjusting spring power.
  • LCN offers a Green Wrench with 3/32” Allen wrench on one side and 5/32” Allen wrench on the other side – part number:
    • GHW1 for 1
    • GHW12 for a pack of 12
    • GHW100 for a pack of 100

The exception is, if the customer orders a metric screw pack, LCN does supply the Allen wrenches.  


  • Some concealed closers use standard screw driver for adjusting spring power.
  • Older closers used a small standard screw driver to adjust delayed action.
  • Some closers (like 4000T) do not have a spring power adjustment.