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Visual Key Control (VKC) refers to stamping the key symbol on the bow of the key.  This makes identification fast and convenient. The disadvantage is that lost or stolen keys can potentially be matched to the locks they operate. 
  • VKC is now furnished as standard for all Schlage keys (Classic, Everest, and all Primus) on master keyed orders. If VKC is not desired, it can be removed at no charge by specifying “delete key symbol on key.” 
  • Keys can be stamped with symbols, words, or numbers other than the master key symbol.  This is considered to be non-standard code stamping and the 50-003 charge applies.  
  • VKC and non-standard code designations can be up to 6 characters long and must only be letters and numbers.  


Pictured is a key with VKC stamping.  (AA1)


VKC is available on keys for master keyed orders only.  Standard (non-master keyed items) do not have key symbols to stamp.  If key symbol stamping on standard keys is desired, the key symbols must be supplied on the order and it will be charged as non-standard code (50-003).  

Prior to June 2023, VKC was standard for Everest and Primus only.  If VKC was desired on Classic keys, the 50-217 charge applied.  

As of June 2023, VKC is now standard for all keys.  The 50-217 charge has been removed from the price book.  

CAUTION: VKC is available on both keys and cylinders.  The term VKC alone is not enough to determine whether keys or cylinders or both are getting stamped.  

See KC solution 137664.