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1. In the case where a hand reader is exposed to direct sunlight for a short period of time will this affect the calibration scores (R C and E readings)?

This will affect the scores. You should not go into and recalibrate the reader during sun exposed times as it will throw the calibration numbers off
2. Will it permanently damage the camera / affect the calibration?

 No damage will be done to the camera; the images will just be over exposed. Just like taking pictures with your own camera pointing it at the sun.
3. Would you expect the calibration reading revert back to normal once the unit is out of the sun?

 Yes, as long as the HandReader was not “recalibrated during that time”.
4. Can you explain what the “calibration” menu option does?

The “calibration” menu will give you the calibration numbers of the camera the last time the camera was initialized. The camera is initialized only during a power cycle (boot) or through the “Recalibrate” option under the “calibrate” menu.

So basically this is what is happening, reflective surface (reflexite…the surface with the diamond pattern on it) is the same type of material that you see in running shoes/trackies. It is super reflective when the headlights from automobiles shine on a runner’s shoes at night. The same phenomenon happens when direct sunlight shines on the platen surface during the daylight. The platen becomes highly reflective and it overexposes the camera.



We suggest resetting the camera via a power cycle or “recalibrate” when the HandReader is not in direct sunlight. Then block the HandReader from the direct sunlight when using it.