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Proximity Credential data can be automatically entered into Schlage Express if you have the Serial CRP enrollment reader or USB CRP2 enrollment reader.  If one of these enrollment readers are not available to you, follow this process below:

Step 1 - You need the Proxalator software if user does not have 4.1.0 version or later of the Schlage Express software, or if the the Bit Format of the credential is not available for Manual Entry in Express

Step 2 - You need to acquire the right information to use in the Manual Entry option of Schlage Express or Proxalator software; (Bit format and Hot stamp) details are printed on the credential back:

             Example: P26A1406-04153     P (Proximity)      26A (Bit Format)        14061 (Sales Order #)         04153 (hotstamp)
             PLUS the Facility Code is required (Not printed on credential, get from Sales Order information)

Step 2a - If all information is not available, you can get the information from Schlage Customer Support using the Sales Order number that appears on the card or all details including Facility Code should be printed on the label on the box that the credentials were shipped in

Step 3 - Open the Schlage Express software, choose Users, Select a Specific User from the list on the left, Click Add Credential, Select the Card Type and OK, (if multiple credential types are available), No to Selecting Cards from Stock if asked, which brings you to the Card Detail entry dialog box, and choose None (Manual Entry) at the top of the dialog box.

Step 4 - Using the card details provided in Step 2, Select the correct Card Format Bit, Function (Normal is default), add PIN number (if required), Enter the data into the fields: Hotstamp No. and Facility Code; Click on Convert Hotstamp.  This will place the Encoded ID card information into the Card field.  Click OK to save this credential to the User.

Step 4a - If using a version of Express that does not support your credential bit format for Manual Entry or does not have Manual Entry, navigate to the Card Detail entry dialog box and use the Proxalator software to similarly generate the Encoded ID, then copy the generated Card data, including any leading 0's, into the Card field of the Card Detail dialog box, and select OK to save this credential to the User.

Step 5 - Verify that the manually added credential works:  Add Lock Access details to the User/Credential, Generate Program Files, Sync Program Files to the HHD, Program and Test the lock with the new credential.

Proxalator software version 2.4.0 supports these proximity bit formats to allow manual card data conversion to the Encoded ID that can be copied into Schlage Express.
26 Bit     34 Bit     35 Bit     35 Bit Xceed ID     36 Bit Xceed ID     37 Bit Xceed ID     37 Bit     Proxif     Casi

(Not all Proximity card formats are supported in Schlage Express or Schlage Locks, confirm your card format support with Schlage Customer Care:  877-671-7011  Option 2, and Option 2 again)


If required, link to download the Proxalator Software