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 Schlage Express and Vanderbilt SMS Select Offline Credential Function Details for: AD-250, AD-200, CO-250, CO-200, CT-5000

(Schlage Express supports: Computer Managed locks: AD-200, CO-200, CT-5000 - CM uses Freeze  terminology;
   SMS Select supports both CM locks and Campus Locks: AD-250, CO-250 - CL uses Lockout terminology):

(For Card Plus PIN the PIN code option is enabled in the lock setup within the software… this option is set either to 1: not use, 2: use as the lock timezone is configured, or 3: to always use a PIN code; the lock will flash the Red LED waiting for the PIN to be entered after the card is presented, if it is enabled.)

These are the offline functions available for Schlage Express CM or SMS Select CM and CL software that support Schlage lock types and one or more iButton, Proximity, or Magnetic Stripe credential types:

Normal - Normal opens a door for a specified time. The time span is defined by the Relock Delay set in the Offline Lock Definition.

Toggle - Toggle opens a door and leaves it open until it is closed again by a toggle credential. It toggles a door between locked and unlocked.

Freeze or Lockout - Freeze disables the keypad/credential reader. Only credentials set to "Pass Through" can open the door. Use a credential with "Freeze" function to return the door to an operational state. "Freeze" does not lock a door, for example when the door was toggled open.

One Time Use - One Time Use opens the door only once with the Normal function. After the door relocked the credential does not work anymore on this door. It can still work on other doors, until after it was used on these doors once.

Pass Through - Pass Through is a credential function that allows Users to pass through doors that are in secured lockout mode. It does not matter if this mode was set by a door Holiday, or by a Freeze credential used when the door was secured. A Pass Through credential will open the door for the specified relock time.

Dogged - Dogged has only a special function on electronic dogging bars. On these exit bars it keeps the push pad pushed in and the door unlocked. Dogged works as Normal function on all other devices.

Supervised - Supervised credentials follow the "two person rule" Two supervised credentials must be used within five seconds to open the door. The door stays open until the Relock Delay ends.

Prohibit Access (with Alarm) - Prohibit Access (with Alarm) is a credential function that will not allow the credential to open a door, but it will register when the User of this credential tries to do so. It always generates an Audit Event, and additionally sounds the Alarm when the door is equipped with a horn.

CT Aux - This credential function operates only the Auxiliary relay of CT Controllers, but not the Main relay. The time span the relay is activated is specified by the Relock Delay.

CT Main and Aux - This credential function operates both the Auxiliary relay and main relay of Controllers. The time span the relays are activated is specified by the relock delay.