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Auto-Unlock schedules that need to span midnight are required to be broken up into two non-overlapping and separate schedules.  The two schedules will be, one schedule that ends at 11:59 PM and another Schedule that starts at 12:00 AM with the customer defined appropriate overall beginning and end times.

AD, CO and CM series standalone locks will load the next days, Auto-Unlocking schedule start or stop times, every night at midnight in preparation for the next day.  This setup requirement is the function that prevents a single auto-unlock schedule from being able to span midnight. 

Holiday Schedules and User Credential Access Time Zones may span midnight without the need to make two separate non-overlapping schedules


Door AutoUnlocks

  • An AutoUnlock is a defined time period during which a lock is unlocked. At the end of the AutoUnlock time period,the lock will automatically relock.
  • No audit events of access(es) are logged during an AutoUnlock time period. Only the start and end of the AutoUnlock will be logged.
  • AutoUnlocks are overridden by holidays. 
  • Up to eight (8) door AutoUnlocks can be added to a facility.
  • Not all locks support AutoUnlocks

Secured Mode AutoUnlock

  • If an AutoUnlock has the same start and end time, the lock will be set to secure (locked) mode at that time. 
  • Using this technique, you can make sure that a lock is locked from a specific time of day until it is unlocked by either a use`r, another AutoUnlock or a holiday schedule